7 November 2020

Your concert is in 5 days

Imagine, there is a final concert of your study. You are confused, because in your "career" most of the time there was a discusion, what you are doing wrong and how it is suppost to be. "Where am I, where are my feelings in this right-wrong story?"

You doubt your musical ideas and your technical skills, you doubt yourself. But you still know this is what you want, this is what makes you happy and fulfilled.

KMA Berlin - Blog - Sarah 2

After those consufing feelings and your wish to be present in the moment and to be with your music, you meet your mentor. From here this story goes in two different ways.

1. Your mentor says that maybe you can do it, we can try. He is focusing on your technical skills, so you are practising like crazy to move your fingers faster and shynhronized. He is saying your tounge is to heavy and show you an exercise that you must practise every day 30Min. And you practise and you practise. Once you play very nice, another time you don't like it at all. You are becomming even more confused and stressed. You already forgot about the music and the feelings, because there is so many things that you have to fix, to control. Air pressure, breathing, open your lungs, move, don't move, you are to quiet, you are to loud, d is to high....... your concert is in 5 days.

2. Your mentor says that you will play an amazing concert and he makes you repeat the sentence. He builds nice and supportive athmosphere so it is kind of a weird feeling because it is the first time after awhile that you feel you acctually can do it. He smiles, notice you strenghts and focuses on them. He gives you an exercise which relax your body, so you don't need to focus on anything, because relaxed body do things automatically. You start feeling music again. And you practise and practise. Once you play very nice, another time you don't like it at all. But you are becoming more relaxed and now you believe you can. Your instrument suddenly started to sound better. There is only one thing you have to focus on - enjoy your beautiful music...... your concert is in 5 days.