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Why is it worth supporting?

Because of what we do and who we are:

Who could I support?

Students and Teachers. Your contribution will be used to support the students and teachers with the scholarships, travel costs, masterclasses and other academic event expenses.

How do I become a donor?

Becoming a regular donor is very easy. You set up a regular contribution through your internet banking with sending us email and we will sent to you the bank account information.

Donors are also offered unique opportunities to participate in special annual events, such as our concerts and masterclasses.


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Tjaša Kastelic Scholarship

The Tjaša Kastelic Scholarship will be awarded to 5 students each year who exemplifies the following qualities: dedication, motivated practice, personal musical development, demonstrated passion and focus, as well as uniqueness and a strive towards long-term musical goals.

Nominated students will then write a short letter on why they feel they deserve this honor, how it would benefit their musical education, and what they expect to accomplish through the year, then proceed to audition in front of the panel of staff.