Learn to play the violin

If someone were to ask you, “If you could pick from any instrument and instantly know how to play it, what would you pick?” odds are that a violin would be among the top choice. But although violins are surrounded by a romantic aura of mystique, many people think that it’s too hard, too expensive, or just plain too difficult to learn how to play this well-known and much beloved musical instrument. But let us show you, that because of the plenty benefits of playing this instrument, it is definitely worth the time and effort it takes to learn this instrument.

The instrument is our voice, with which we express our emotions, feelings. And with the violin we can really show all the emotions. With different kinds of sound colours we can create the deepest sorrow, darkest night, sweetest love and the most joyful happiness. This is the magic of this instrument.

The violin is capable of several kinds of voice depending on how it is manipulated by the musician. From the double-stops and shuffles of the fiddle, to the clean clear notes of most show tunes, to the airy, almost magical harmonics. And let us not forget the trills, the various styles of vibrato, and the glissando or staccato. Each technique creates its own unique voice within a musical piece.

You may be surprised to discover that besides the joy of playing the violin, there are many excellent, lifelong benefits of playing the violin; and learning to play it, like any undertaking, simply requires having the right tools and the right instruction. There are proven physical, mental, and social benefits of playing the violin such as Improved memory and attention span, better overall mental function and health, sensory development, social skills, a sense of belonging.
These are all benefits of playing the violin.

At KMA Berlin with our experienced teachers we take care that with the right approach, you can start experiencing those benefits much faster.

Study with us

Violin teacher at KMA Berlin

Cecilia Ferron

With a lot of love, passion, appropriate exercises and a playful approach, my goal is to elicit the best from my students with an individual approach from an artistic as well as a human point of view in order to train technically and musically mature musicians.

I always try to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, in which students develop best.

I come from the world of classical music, but my passion for music has also led me to other musical styles such as jazz and folk music, which also taught me improvisation and flexibility.

CEO of KMA Berlin

Tjaša Kastelic

From personal experience, having changed my violin-playing technique several times, I put emphasis on the bow-hold, holding of the violin, and playing with the left hand. I strive for, as much as possible, a relaxed body during playing. My favorite part of teaching is discovering how to interpret individual musical pieces along with the students, so every feeling and every story is reflected in the sound. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn from so many excellent musicians who have always treated music as fantasy that has not limits.

It is very important for me to have good and genuine relationships with my students, and I am very thankful that I have such relationships with each and every one of them. I attach a lot of importance on how things are said. Therefore I always make sure that I find the right way for the student to make progress as fast as possible, and so that his potential is fully realized.