About Trumpet

It is a well-known stereotype among musicians that trumpet players are egotistical. They think they are God’s gift to Earth, and music. There are multiple reasons for this stereotype. One is, that most trumpet players are male, and not only male, but the kind of guy that would choose a loud and flashy instrument. So, the type that would brag about how great he is in anything. Secondly, trumpets are loud and bright, and if you have enough of them, you can overpower almost any other sound. So essentially, trumpet players think they play the best instrument, and therefore, they themselves are the best.

They’re not exactly wrong. Trumpet is one of the most popular instrument and it’s popular for good reason as you’ll see below.

1. You’ll have the melody.
2. You’ll improve your breath and strengthen your core muscles.
3. It’s not too expensive to purchase.
4. The trumpet is extremely portable.
5. You can play an array of different styles.

The trumpet’s dynamic range is flexible enough to be able to play almost anywhere, from a church, to a rock concert, to an orchestra, and more. The dynamic range, the smallness of the instrument, and the fact that you only need the trumpet to play, and not a bunch of other equipment, means that you will find trumpets in almost any ensemble. A rock band, multiple jazz bands, solo, in a duet, in a trio, in a wind ensemble, with a piano, in several orchestras, several bands, and even as accompaniment to a choir. You will find trumpet players in these groups, and many more. So, trumpet players have a wide range of playing opportunities available to them.

In addition, the trumpet can play in a variety of styles. From jazz with growls and glissandos, to smooth orchestral playing with vibratos, to loud and beat-driven marches. Again, this is part of why you can play trumpet in so many ensembles. There are many different ways to play, and one person can have a completely different tone and sound than another person, while still being equally good.

Study with us

Trumpet teacher at KMA Berlin

Manuel Agostinho Pereira Abreu

As a teacher, I always try to make the lessons easy-going and relaxed. My students should have fun playing the trumpet in their lessons, because I think that students progress faster and more effectively this way. With a strong love for the trumpet and many years of experience in teaching and performing, I have already had success preparing students for auditions for universities as well as for competitions. The lessons are designed individually for each student. My main criteria are:

– breathing
– sound
– articulation
– flexibility
– interpretation
– Strength / endurance
– Mental training
– Routine