French Horn

About Horn

Horn players usually have a great time because they do not play the same boring music like say, the bassline. Instead, the French horn is designed to fill out the sound so that the music being produced feels fuller and more complete.

Additionally, the French horn, like most wind instruments out there has a host of health and physical benefits associated with it. More benefits of learning how to play the French horn include:

1. The French horn will strengthen your breathing abilities
2. Enhance your coordination
3. The French horn is a stress reliever
4. It will allow you to develop confidence
5. Strengthen your core muscles

As mentioned earlier, no other instrument in classical music is as notable as the French horn. Thanks to its dark tone and full, rich sound, the French horn is a common fixture in classical music and there are plenty of classical songs that are written specifically for the French horn which means that there will be plenty for you to do.

Should you want to pursue the French horn professionally, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of professional opportunities out there for French horn players. While learning any instrument does have its challenges, the French horn is a complex instrument to learn, which means that it is not as popular as the trumpet or flute. Because of fewer students, there will be less competition for you, therefore allowing you to prosper if you are good.

As a musician, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut especially if there is a mindless routine to be followed day after day. Picking up the French horn forces you to focus on all the small details such as finger technique and lip position as well as the larger, more important ones like breath control. In the process of learning the French horn, it really is all about setting goals and reaching them, which is easy to apply in your day to day life.

Whether you are interested in taking up the French horn as a hobby or so that you can pursue it professionally, one thing is clear- that there are endless benefits for you to discover and appreciate once you do.

Study with us

Horn teacher at KMA Berlin

Sara Breznikar

With my students I focus on searching and empowering their qualities and encourage their musical ideas where I also try to notice their needs to upgrade their musical experience on the next level.

Breathing exercises’s goal is not only extanding air capacity for playing but relaxing all the muscles in the embouchure and the body, and refill them with oxygen while not playing.

Different technical exercises which help develop abilities to control the tone, reach the level of finger skills and find the sound, are based on individual needs. Together we are looking for most comfortable posture and feelings during the play. We try to listen our inner voice that tells us which exercises fit best for us.

During the classes we enjoy chamber music, we work on playing and breathing together as a team and try to draw a sound experience that inspires the audience, but first ourselves.

Because at the very end music is all about joy.