Music is said to be the one language spoken and understood everywhere on earth and one of the oldest forms of this language is rhythm. As rhythm is an important part of the playing of every instrument, it is mostly represented through percussion instruments and drums.

While rhythmical instruments have remained very popular through all the centuries and nearly every musical genre, you still can feel this tribal power that rhythm has. It moves you like a force of nature when you hear and feel it, but even more when you play it yourself.

While this power is sometimes associated with pure volume, drums offer a much wider dynamic range than most acoustic instruments can – from a soft whisper to a roaring thunder. So power of rhythm also means to be in control of the volume and the energy of your instrument and also of the band, ensemble or whatever group you are playing with.

Another aspect that is very unique for this instrument is, that you use your whole body to play it. Watching someone playing a full drumset people are often astonished how someone can play a different rhythm with every limb, sounding like a one-person-orchestra. The good news is – it looks more complicated than it actually is. Second good news – doing it yourself feels even better than looking at someone doing it. It is a very special experience not comparable to a lot of other things and so playing percussion or drums not only gives you the opportunity to learn an instrument, it also is chance to get to know yourself and your body better.

Studying drums and percussion at the KMA you will learn how to master this instrument and the language of rhythm, no matter what level you are and what your goals are. Also you will get a good insight of how drums work in different genres.

Study with us

Drums teacher at KMA Berlin

Oli Friedrich

I have been playing the drums for more than 20 years now and I’m very happy, that from the first day on I had the chance to study with great teachers. They told and showed me the right things at the right moment and most important – they found a way to fuel the little fire inside of me, keeping me motivated and keen on learning more and more.

As a teacher I want to give some of this energy back to my students. I want to find out what moves them and tailor the lessons to their individual needs.

Weather your goal is to pass an audition for university and become a professional, or you already have a band, but you’re reaching your limits and therefore want to learn new things, or you’re simply fascinated by this instrument and want to try it out for the first time – whatever your story is – I’m looking forward to hearing it and finding a way to take you to the next level of your drumming!