Sara Breznikar

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I spent last couple of years on research about body posture affecting playing and realise that our body is doing just fine and the "wrong" body posture is a consequence of boundaries that we build based on life experiences and emotions to them. To break or unlearn something with the roots so deep inside of us it is very important to work in motivated and supported environment which appreciate creativity and allows everyone to think, act and play without judgement.

Horn is a very delicate instrument and what comes out of it can be a reflection of every unsolved problem or question from the past but on the other hand the instrument itself will show all the beauty of the sound when individual is being able to find a way of playing it with the joy without any struggle.

With my students I focus on searching and empowering their qualities and encourage their musical ideas where I also try to notice their needs to upgrade their musical experience on the next level.

Breathing exercises's goal is not only extanding air capacity for playing but relaxing all the muscles in the embouchure and the body, and refill them with oxygen while not playing.

Different technical exercises which help develop abilities to control the tone, reach the level of finger skills and find the sound, are based on individual needs. Together we are looking for most comfortable posture and feelings during the play. We try to listen our inner voice that tells us which exercises fit best for us.

During the classes we enjoy chamber music, we work on playing and breathing together as a team and try to draw a sound experience that inspires the audience, but first ourselves.

Because at the very end music is all about joy.