Oli Friedrich

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I have been playing the drums for more than 20 years now and I’m very happy, that from the first day on I had the chance to study with great teachers. They told and showed me the right things at the right moment and most important - they found a way to fuel the little fire inside of me, keeping me motivated and keen on learning more and more.

As a teacher I want to give some of this energy back to my students. I want to find out what moves them and tailor the lessons to their individual needs. 

Weather your goal is to pass an audition for university and become a professional, or you already have a band, but you’re reaching your limits and therefore want to learn new things, or you’re simply fascinated by this instrument and want to try it out for the first time - whatever your story is - I’m looking forward to hearing it and finding a way to take you to the next level of your drumming!

What my students say

"Oli is a great drummer and teacher. Not only does he have immense know-how on the instrument, his knowledge of the drummer and musician scene in Germany has helped me in many ways. He also prepared me perfectly for my successful application and audition at “Popakademie Baden-Württemberg”, which I graduated from as Bachelor of Arts in 2019. I can absolutely recommend Oli as a teacher to any ambitious drummer or whoever wants to become one."

Niklas Müller, Mannheim

"From preparing my entrance exam at university, to getting me and my drum set ready for studio recordings with my bands - Oli has always been a great and motivating support! In his well-structured lessons he didn’t only show me effective techniques and concepts, but also how I can be creative with them. With his focus on my individual aims and goals, Oli always had helpful tips which made my drumming, my sound and my feel better within a short time. Now, that I am a drum teacher myself, I can pass on a lot of Oli’s knowledge to my own students."

Klari Winter, Berlin