Noelia Sarris

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I truly believe that the main idea about music is to be able to  express yourself and your emotions; not only as a composer but also as a pianist, to convey what you feel in a music piece and be able to share that with other people. Besides,  having a proper piano technique, relaxed and with no tension  is the key to reaching that,  and that's the goal I want my students to achieve.

Music Is one of the most important things in my life and It feels very enriching to be able to guide someone on this path and share all my passion and knowledge of it.

Teachers can leave a lasting impact on students’ lives,that's why I find It's really  important to manage to get to know how the student is feeling and create an atmosphere of confidence in each lesson ,encouraging him/her to keep practising, studying and letting them know that they can achieve their goal with effort and believing in themselves. 

Being able to conduct the lesson  individually is really important as well ,because not everyone has the same way of learning and what could be really useful and clear to some students could not work on others. That's why It's so important to see what works best for each student and follow that direction. 

During my lessons I pay extreme attention to the piano technique ,focusing on relaxing all the body in order to play fluently ,with no tension but never losing the musicality of each music phrase and understanding the whole music piece we are playing with the right articulation and dynamic,  thinking about what we want to express in each music piece. 


What my students say

"“With Noelia I learned how to play the piano, and it was one of the best experiences I have had when learning, because thanks to the way she is, she managed to create an atmosphere of confidence that was the key to being able to learn in an effective way. Besides, during her lessons I acquired some very interesting information that turned out to be quite useful later on in my career. That whole year I spent studying with Noelia was highly enriching. She is an excellent professor"."

Miriam Navarro, Argentina

""Noelia was a great teacher, pointing out whatever I did but never losing the kind and soft side of teaching, making it easier to let go of any tension and allowing me to develop a better technique. I remember her lessons as great approaches where learning was never felt as an obligation, but rather a pleasant process. In addition Noelia was always patient and paid a great deal of attention to the position I sat and on the weight and balance between hands and fingers. This helped me a lot to stop getting hurt after several hours of practicing"."

Nicolás Francisco Güerstein, Argentina