Manuel Agostinho Abreu

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I am a classically-trained trumpet player and have had the opportunity so far to learn and study different schools of trumpet-playing: French, American, and German.

In addition to my classical education, I also have experience with world and Latin-American music.

As a teacher, I always try to make the lessons easy-going and relaxed. My students should have fun playing the trumpet in their lessons, because I think that students progress faster and more effectively this way. 

With a strong love for the trumpet and many years of experience in teaching and performing, I have already had success preparing students for auditions for universities as well as for competitions.

The lessons are designed individually for each student.

My main criteria are:

  • breathing
  • sound
  • articulation
  • flexibility
  • interpretation
  • Strength / endurance
  • Mental training
  • Routine

I teach in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

What my students say

"I have been taking lessons with Manuel Abreu for one year. During this time I have significantly improved my skills as a trumpet player. Manuel's lessons are relaxed, yet at the same time very intensive. He is always very focused on what I am doing. He always manages to motivate me to work on musicality and supports the student to reach the expected level. Without his support, success in competitions nor in the recent audition for the Hanns Eisler University would not be possible."

Jasper Niedeggen, Germany