Julius Windisch

Music theory and Jazz Piano
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In my lessons I like to focus on the music that comes out of my students and that they are interested in. I am providing you with the basic theoretical knowledge you need, to improvise over simple or advanced pieces or even compose them. When I am teaching theory I always try to connect the content of what we are learning with ear training, so that it becomes less dry and more easily digestible. 

I like to show you music that you haven’t heard of yet and that you might like but after all you decide what kind of a musician you want to become and in which direction you want to develop your playing. 

Jazz Music is a genre that has been changing a lot over the the last 100 years and nowadays a lot of music can be considered as Jazz that many people might not identify as such. So if, what you connect to the Genre Jazz, is not exactly what you are looking for, but classical music is not either, we might be able to find something in between that you like.

What my students say

"Julius helped me right away to shape my music and understanding of theory through simple but profound explanations. The thing I like the most about the lessons is that Julius tries to answer technical questions from different angles. I can see quick results in my playing and it’s safe to say that the development of my technique is the consequence of these lessons. Julius is a pleasant guy to converse with and I would recommend anyone to meet him and start learning what it means to be a piano player."

George Kikalishvili, Berlin

"I attended Kastelic Music Academy Berlin for jazz Improv piano instruction during the summer of 2020. The experience was great from the first email with Tjaša to the last lesson with my instructor Julius. The lessons were tailored to my goals for the summer, Julius was engaging, interested in my learning, and was patient with my request to repeat information for retention. Thanks to Julius, I had some major breakthroughs in my understanding of music theory, scale degrees, and chord progressions that had escaped me even after 2+ years of education in music production. It's clear that at the heart of the Academy is a real passion for conveying music instruction to students regardless of whether's it's someone just embarking on their musical journey as a child, a teen preparing for auditions for entry into an academic program, or as an adult returning to an instrument after decades away. I will look forward to more instruction here in the coming years!"

James McAnally, USA