Carlo Bortolini

Transformational coaching


I’m an artist, game designer, and transformational coach.

By working with me you will get a better understanding and more clarity about yourself, and your music. 

On top of that, you will also learn how to foster and develop your learning process, making it more effective, joyful and in tune with your real nature.

My work as a transformational coach consists in accompanying my students throughout the inner journey needed to re-synchronize their most intimate feelings with their actions in life. The main instrument I use to achieve this are one to one conversations, always tailored around the specific needs of the student I’m working with.

Every conversation develops throughout an intense flow of challenging questions and deep listening, where a careful use of body language, spoken words and silence usually play a major role in helping students reflect more profoundly on their current situation, and develop a new perspective about themselves and the world around them.

Courage, openness and curiosity, are among my favorite ingredients, when it comes to make this happening.

This coaching sessions are highly recommended for all the young musicians that aim to:

  • fasten and improve their learning process
  • get a better understanding of the role music plays (and will play) in their life
  • increase their level of self-confidence as artists and performers (and also in life in general)
  • acquire deeper knowledge and experience about what concerns the relationships they have with their emotions and their behaviours. 

The sessions are given in English and Italian. 

What my students say

"Carlo is a very curious but kind person who loves to ask questions. In our first session we got straight to the roots and talked about the things I find important in my life. We then had a closer look at certain parts of my thoughts and my surroundings. He managed to connect different aspects and got to ask me questions that I've never even thought about before. Answering them is like getting to know yourself on a whole new level. You are basically discovering new abilities and possibilities that you can work on.  All in all sessions with Carlo are not only based on getting information about yourself but also on having fun whilst thinking outside the box. I warmly recommend him to anyone who wants to know him/herself better."

Esther Ziegner, Germany