Julija Bojarinaitė

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Since everyone is different, I believe the role of a teacher is to adapt in order to provide each student with an individual development path. I take the goals my students want to achieve seriously and help them to set new ones as well. Developing technical skills and abilities on the instrument is important. At least as important to me is that my students have a chance to develop an authentic, independent and creative musical personality.

Keeping a nice atmosphere during the class plays an important role for me, I allways try to create a space in which my students can feel safe, encouraged and supported. Since I had a chance to learn a lot about various body awareness techniques (including the Alexander Technique, Dispokinesis, breath work), which I apply in my personal life as a musician, I attach great importance to helping each person to find a way of playing that feels best and is the most enjoyable .

I teach in German, English, French and Lithuanian.