23 July 2021


Would you like to learn an instrument with a teacher who teaches you the basics correctly, inspires and guides you?

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16 July 2021


Have you been playing your instrument for a long time, but somehow you don't come anymore forward?

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9 July 2021



We know how important it is to successfully pass any entrance exam. If you decide to prepare with us, we too will feel responsible for your success.
That is why it is very important at the beginning that we analyze your situation very carefully (e.g. at which university the entrance exam is; when; where exactly you are currently with your knowledge, what your challenges are, etc.)

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12 December 2020

Are you really committed to give a chance to yourself?

Are you doubting about yourself? or your capabilities? or your music? or your talent? Are you struggling to tell your personal truth to yourself, and/or to others? Are you feeling that there is something that really has to change in your life, but you do not have any clue about where to start from?

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7 November 2020

Your concert is in 5 days

Imagine, there is a final concert of your study. You are confused, because in your "career" most of the time there was a discusion, what you are doing wrong and how it is suppost to be. "Where am I, where are my feelings in this right-wrong story?"

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