23 July 2021


Would you like to learn an instrument with a teacher who teaches you the basics correctly, inspires and guides you?

Have you always wanted to learn an instrument and now you finally have time to make it possible for yourself?

Do you dream of playing in a band or in an amateur orchestra and are you looking for someone who will take you there, step by step?

Then there is good news! We're here to help you learn the basics correctly, so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of music as you learn pieces.



The right approach.

Everyone is different and that's why we understand that every student needs their own individual approach. A 35-year-old working person or a 7-year-old child of course have completely different requirements, knowledge and needs.

And there is the responsibility of our teacher, that he/she immediately recognizes and assesses your very own situation correctly, and then uses the right approach to design a program specially tailored to you so that you can enjoy your goals as quickly as possible. You can only meet all your requirements and needs with the "right language", which you understand immediately.
And this works best when a teacher really masters his/her instrument, has many years of teaching experience and builds a trusting relationship with you.


Results through personal collaboration with KMA Berlin 


If you have a teacher who guides you step by step so that you know exactly what you can achieve and how then you will see progress very quickly. We make sure that we are always by your side. If you wish, we are there for you every day if you have a question, in order to competently explain to you how you can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

It is our responsibility to give you an answer to every WHY so that you really understand and can immediately apply the new knowledge in your playing.



A good foundation for your instrument is as crucial as stones are for a house. It is important that you properly learn the basics right from the start, which need to be tailored to your body exactly.

Because every body is different and every instrument has its own focus, it is the responsibility of the teacher to teach you the technique of your instrument tailored to your body, so that you can express yourself freely through the music, without pain and tension.

This makes everything much easier and, above all, faster, especially later when you are going to play heavier pieces.



Practice time is one of the most important cornerstones of your game. But this is mainly about the HOW. It is our precious time that we invest every day, and wrong practice can lose a lot of time and repeat the wrong habits every day, making them all the harder to get rid of.

So that it doesn't even come to that, the KMA team helps you systematically set clear and detailed goals so that you eliminate unnecessary repetitions that only cost time and nerves.

In this way you not only gain more time and energy every day, but you can also work more creatively and freely on the pieces.



Without music theory, your game is like reading without knowing letters.
It doesn't matter whether you're learning the violin as a solo instrument or jazz piano. If you understand the background correctly, you can make much faster progress with every piece of music and of course save a lot of nerves. Practice is much more enjoyable if you really get to know the theoretical components of the music and can practically combine this knowledge with every instrument.

For example, when you know why this chord is connected one way or another, or why a note or phrase is written in one way or another.



There is nothing more beautiful in this world than diving deep into the world of music pieces.

Our goal is to work out your musical wishes with you and then to teach you them specifically first technically and then musically. Of course, especially at the beginning, you can't play difficult pieces right away, but every piece of music can be arranged in such a way that you can play it regardless of your level.

And that's where the best work begins. We want to inspire you to do this and bring the pieces of music to you in a way that you can't wait to practice and make music.



Support. Honesty. Motivation. Trust.

Our goal is to bring your playing to a good level.

This is best achieved with a mutually trusting relationship. When teachers support and motivate you honestly, competently and professionally so that you get better every day. Of course, there is a student's responsibility to integrate the teacher's suggestions into the daily practising and to clearly communicate their own wishes and challenges as well.

In this way, only good results, great joy and beautiful things can arise.