12 December 2020

Are you really committed to give a chance to yourself?

Are you doubting about yourself? or your capabilities? or your music? or your talent? Are you struggling to tell your personal truth to yourself, and/or to others? Are you feeling that there is something that really has to change in your life, but you do not have any clue about where to start from?

Well, I am really glad to tell you, that you are in the right place.

The reason why I arrived to this point, where I can actually help people finding clarity about who they are and what they do, is just because I’ve found it myself, thanks to all the work I have done in those years.
Transformational coaching is an inner journey to rediscover the magic of being alive.

It is a guided process meant to invite you to leave in your past your old habits that do not serve you anymore, and start walking with more clarity and confidence toward the direction your heart is clearly pointing to.

And yes,…I know what it means to be lost. To be confused. To not be recognised. To know that there is a lot of potential in you, but to not know how to make it come to life. To find in frustration a good companion during your days of practice.

But I wasn’t surely willing to give up, and let my life float into a meaningless swamp of unintentional actions without any reasonable connection. And is this attitude that helped me to always keep on going until I got on the other side of my doubts. The one where I can handle them with a profound sense of calm and consciousness.

Said that, the question I usually address to the people I work with, before starting our process are those:

Are you really committed to give a chance to yourself?

Are you really committed to explore what is beyond your insecurities?

Are you really committed to find out what is keeping you from getting to the level of quality in music you clearly know you are capable of?

Think well about it…and be honest!

Hope to see you shine.
In the Sky.