17 April 2021

Amazing musical progress in a very short time with KMA Team

Most of the students at KMA Berlin are advanced students, who already know more of the educational music system. They have a clearer vision of what they want and what to expect from the teacher.

To deliver a good result in a short period of time, we teachers need a good resolution, which can solve the particular problem. It can be for example the right holding position of the instrument, tension in the hands while playing, the lack of musical interpretation or a mindset blockade. In order to bring student the right approach for every student, it’s necessary to have the experience with your instrument and teaching. I changed my technic in my life more than 5 times completely, and this helps me really a lot to come very fast with the solution and advice for the student.

Last times I notice how much there is besides the technical and musical knowledge. It is also very important to reset all the negative believes, which don’t help us. As for example: “I am not talented enough, so I cannot do it”, or “this is too hard for me, I am not good enough”.

When I work with the students and I ask them, why they are thinking that, the answer is mostly the teacher, parents, family said this to me.

Every word has a meaning. And as sooner that we learn to not take the words which don’t help us personally, the better it is.


How to achieve good and efficient results with our CEO Tjaša Kastelic?



1. We “cook” together!
I always say to my students that we need to cook some things in a smiley way. This takes the whole approach to a completely different perspective instead of me saying: “listen, we need to fix your playing”

2. With a Step-by-step system we “recook” the things. There I am fan of keeping it simple and short. So writing the highlights words which help them to remember the things.

3. Be precise, but have fun! This is the most important one! We all play because we love playing! Changing some technical issues can be tough sometimes, because it takes so much concentration and repeating. But, even then I always do some funny comparisons to the students and we laugh.

4. Teaching a student how to “cook - practice” at home when I am not beside. With some of the students I take one week and I practice with them 15 minutes per day. That way they really see how much less time we can spent if we use the time at home wisely.

Look at this young talent before and later.