About Us

KMA Berlin

At heart our music academy is about making music and learning in a creative community supported by a dedicated team, focused on delivering the results at its highest level with personal approach.

Our vision and mission

The KMA teachers adapt to the special needs of each student and create a learning environment for them in which they can achieve their goals.


Award winning and concert performing teachers

All of our teachers are concert musicians, soloists and band musicians on national and international stages. They know that making good music is not only about great skill, it is hard work. They are therefore trained to help students withstand stress and pressure to perform.

Tjaša Kastelic, founder and CEO of the KMA Berlin

After studying in Austria, Brussels and Dresden, I went on concert tours all over the world as a soloist and as a member of various orchestras.

The valuable experience that I have gained here, I want to give to all our students at the KMA Berlin, because I feel  responsible for the musical education of each generation.

For me, it plays an essential role to convey music-making in a community in which everyone feels welcome, supported and inspired.